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Sign up an GitLab account (or login into it if you already have one), and fork the blog’s repo to change the page (content/links/, then file a pull request. If your site meet the requirements below, I will merge your PR and make it visible on this site, (the build process is automated, thanks to the generous Netlify)


A few requirements must be met to make your site available on this page.

  1. It’s legal, and it is not used to spread hate and violence.
  2. It’s suitable for all audience. Adult contents are strictly prohibited.
  3. It’s global accessibility is guaranteed.
  4. It does not contain links pointing to or cite content from those sites who does not meet the above requirements.
  5. It uses HTTPs, and respect user’s privacy.
  6. You must paid for the domain name, and widely-misused domain suffixes (i.e. .ml, .tk, .cf, .top) are not applicable. Subdomains of which root domain you dont own is also not applicable, not even if it’s in the Public Suffix List.
  7. The final interpretation right of the above provisions belongs to me.

Be responsible when commenting, be sure to follow the Community Guidelines

Original content without extra declaration are licensed under CC-BY-SA. AI Generated Content should be treated differently.
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