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Hello there! I am Helim Lee (李他廉), a personal (basically for hobby) developer, and also a high school student.


Age: Weight: 63 KGHeight: 172 CM
Eyesight: PoorLanguages: Chinese (Native, Poor), English (Very Poor)
Languages: Chinese (Native, Poor), English (Very Poor)


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From 2017, I had been focus on Website Frontend designing. And from 2019, I started to learn backend programming, with PHP. The days with PHP have gone though, I still rememorate those moments with such a hard-to-say-elegent but also heart-beating language. But my relationship with generic programming appeared earlier than web constructing. Especially thanked to my father's support as an unmovable supported to his child and an excellent IT Engineer, I learnt how to do basic C++ at the age of 8. That is,*Thanks, dad.**

My "career" or journey to a dreamt full-stack reached kinda of climax, when COVID and lockdowns took place. For the reason, I gained plenty of time to stay with computer, to keep dive into the world of PHP, but also to explore the multiverse languages, such as FastAPI with Python. Python is another thingy in my technology stack. Of course, it doesn't last that long as I expected, when I suddenly felt bored with it, finding it was not challenging me hard enough. Seeking for more adventures in computer world, I chose GO language.

Only as I have concerned, I do not consider GO as an elegant program-lang. Probably it was caused by its ugly abbrievation (from my limited point of view only), its mysterious dependency management systems (which also, in my opinion, what C++ failed to manage)... People around me said, youths are driven force towards future unpredictable, not towards stability, their views might be right, since my experiences were urging for a new change.

Currently I am studying Rust. My feelings are mixed, it seems that the language is harder than C++, more concepts are introduced as a modern language. But incredibly, I enjoyed this progress. Just like the old meme goes, "A beauty of stuffing knowledge into brain", appeared in my own head. "'Tis what I have been seeking!" A sound inside cried out.

Excluding programming, digital product reviews and Generative AI are also my hobbies, but all these never went beyond hobbies. Generative AI is something really new, from Github Copilot to ChatGPT, from ThisPersonDoesNotExist to Stable Diffusion, I have no way as a student still in fundamental education phase to catch up the frontier of neuro network technologies, though, I would try to keep myself up-to-date with such information.

Unwritten in the table above, I do had a dream of becoming an artist, since my mother is a great teacher in such fields and gave me a lot of encouragement in early ages, as I spotted techniques like Stable Diffusion, I felt a shock that my dream might come true in such an unexpected way, that I will become an artist with techs to build my own works with powerful artifical intellegence alternatively! But the dream was soon eased by myself. Of course I tried those techniques, and exchanged ideas with my friends talented in drawing, but after receiving several extremely negative judgement over AI painting, I abandoned. I realized that Generative AIs are so harmful, that many Artists even began to lose their orders, and become angry about their artworks are stolen by those spiders that are used to collect datasets. At that particular moment, the ignorant boy was even pleading for the AI, but now I realized I was the wrong one. Current AI simply ignore the copyrights, even when dealing with "Free" copyright licenses such as GPL (Please refer to Github Copilot's dataset collection incident) or CC-BY-SA, the ignorance have nothing to do with us, the users, but I felt it's time for us, the bloggers whose words and medias will appear on the Internet to stop spreading AI generated contents across our own spaces. *Thanks, mom,** but a person cannot be omnipotent, talent in a few aspects is enough.

Chasing dreams is something we must do, and I do wish my journey to continue.


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