The End | 尾声

The site has closed since 2024/3/2, permanently. All services that is affiliated to it will close too. Thank you for your company in the past years.


This page will remain accessible along with already existed links until the deletion of the site which will be performed by the end of the upstream service contract (e.g. domain name expiration). If your site has the site's link, feel free to delete them.


Links | 友链

Webring: Forever Blog | Wormhole, Travelling

Friend: Big Cake

Successor | 继续维护者

The page, which might be updated with more detailed information, would be maintained by Project_cTide. The Project_cTide own Helim's Blog's ssh private key, which allow it to update the site's Gitlab Repository The domain might be passed on to them, too.

Contact | 联系

You could contact Project_cTide for help.

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